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Www mydatingemails com

Does that mean other people on here might not be open to marriage ultimately if the fit is correct?

Some might be open to it; but you are saying that is your goal.

You might find SOME people who are looking for that right out of the starting gate who are also very religious...

Your post dictating that you don't want women to respond is in line with my thinking about this.

Dating should be a fun way to get to know each other.

I found it strange that you need to exclude men that have a female roommate, is that common enough that you need to put this on your profile?

They are not bound by any elusive rule that states they must respond to somebody who writes to them. Your profile is not terrible (we've all seen much much much worse.). Most pple who say they are "christian" do so for classification purposes; It is unlikely that you will get very many authentic practicing Christians posting a profile on sites like this one. etc)meaning if they were actual guys, they couldn't help but respond to you? which in itself would tend to lessen said appeal.i recommend against profile review, where people will just project their preferences and personal marketing strategies onto you, without thought to your authenticity. My guess would be that you sound very rigid in your first paragraph, which will probably turn off a lot of men (although I can safely say that I qualify on all counts myself), and that your list of interests-which are fine with ME, and I'm 58- might to some, sound more like a teenager's interests rather than a 32 year old's interests.

I've no idea what profiles you've viewed and if you're a pre-existing match, or what you said to them or if your profile is what made them move to the next profile. But getting a profile review could make a marginal profile into a good one. some profiles are bots, liars or fakes (men & women)2. If that is important to you then you need to go on the "christian" dating sites or to look for someone within your congregation. Write about what special qualities you possess; that would make men interested in you. So they might be saying to themselves......"here's a 32 year old who hasn't grown up yet looking to get married soon", and so they pass.

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But since you are looking for someone that is similar to you in your thinking about religion, marriage, dating within your race, then someone like that might well also be called rigid but might be a perfect match for you.

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