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Charles Irving "Chuck" Bartowski is the main character of the American fiction television show Chuck.A nerdy guy who works at the Buy More's Nerd Herd desk, he unwittingly downloaded the Intersect into his brain, and has been dragged into the world of espionage.) is a CIA special agent whose primary mission is to protect the Intersect, Chuck.

There's a reason why it has amassed its particular collection of freaks. A loud, short-tempered salesman at the Buy More during Season 1.After he accidentally finds out that Chuck, Casey, and Sarah are spies, he and his wife are relocated to Oahu, Hawaii where he is made into the manager of a pineapple plant and appears to be quite happy.However, he believes that Casey has recruited him as a spy and that his new job is just a cover.Ellie's boyfriend/fiancé/husband, and Chuck's brother-in-law, Awesome is well... For most of the show, he's mainly stuck to secondary story-arcs, lending his awesomeness to any given situation.Operation Bartowski's commanding officer, Beckman is a decorated General and head of the NSA.

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