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Sharing the limelight will be important for Leo, as Aries too will feel the need to be in the limelight once in a while as well.

The Aries man often displays a softer side of his nature with the Leo woman, and is more considerate to her wishes.

This becomes all the more difficult when she sets out to tame a Gemini man.

To her, physical union is more than a mercury mental challenge or an emotional exercise.

This woman and man are both extravagant with words and with money and share exquisite taste, be it dressing up, travel, literature or the arts.

A Leo girl is stimulated, not frightened or confused, by open and direct challenge.

The Cancerian man who sincerely loves his lioness will encourage her to pursue a career worthy of her talents or allow her to be the absolute, if benevolent, monarch over their home.

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Leo Woman – Aries Man These two fire signs are guaranteed harmony and happiness by astrology.