Counterspy not updating

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Throughout your many missions, you will find a multitude of flyers and posters which say things like “SMOKING – Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em! R., who was tipped off that both nations desire to be the first to launch a nuclear missile and blow up … In order to stop this atrocity, you must seize plans from either side, all while making sure you do not make the respective side raise their DEFCON level too high.” instead of the “No Smoking” sign you would see these days. If the DEFCON goes past one, it is time for lift off, unless you can get to the end of the mission you are currently on within 60 seconds.

To prevent these countries from mutually assured nuclear annihilation, you must infiltrate their facilities and steal their launch plans.When you consider that officers have to be alive in order to surrender – meaning you can't use your most effective weapons, like explosives, for fear of collateral damage – it can be downright maddening.Finally, when you do best the final mission, ends with very little fanfare – certainly nothing on the level of its brilliant, Bond-esque opening sequence.This circular bar will also fill if you are caught by one of the many cameras in-game, some of which are indestructible without a certain upgrade or explosive barrels.Possibly the most difficult aspect of the DEFCON meter is the fact that the circular bar does not return to empty if you destroy the camera or kill the enemy ratting you out.

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Like a lesser Bond film, however, these polished elements never quite come together. For example, on one mission, you might find an officer surrounded by underlings.