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Bulgarian dating agency

The tradition of church singing in Bulgaria is more than thousand years old.

In the Bulgarian Orthodox Church there are two traditions of church singing - Eastern monodic (one-voice) singing and choral (polyphonic).

Their voices are low and soprano and the children love singing as well as anything artistic.

Diatonic scales predominate but in the Rhodope mountains, for example, pentatonic scales occur, while in Thrace chromatic scales with augmented intervals (similar to the music of Classical Greece).

Bulgarian folk music is unique in its complex harmonies and highly irregular rhythms.

The second tradition is the choral church music, established during the nineteenth century, when in Bulgaria enters the influence of Russian polyphonic choral church music.

Lazarus, as well as the Strandzha region's unusual Nestinarstvo rites on May 21.

Several world-renowned troupes perform Bulgarian folk music, including the State Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances, founded by Philip Koutev (1903-1982), Trio Bulgarka and the Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir, who are featured, among others, on the anthologies titled Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, volume 2 of which received a Grammy Award in 1989.

Many Bulgarian composers (Dobri Hristov, Petar Dinev, etc.) create their works in the spirit of Russian polyphony.

Today Orthodox music is alive and is performed both during church worship services and at concerts by secular choirs and soloists.

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